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Liberator Shapes

Enhance all aspects of sexual intercourse with Liberator Sex Shapes! These unique shapes offer unparalleled sex positioning, making ordinary sex extraordinary! Enhance old sex positions or discover new ones! What makes these shapes unique is the ability to combine them with others for “out of this world” sex! The Liberator shapes are great for seniors, heavier set people, married couples, or just about anyone looking to spice things up in the bedroom! Wild ergonomic sex is a click away! Follow the links below for more information on each sex shape!

Information on the Liberator Sex Wedge. Information on the Liberator Sex Ramp. Information on the Liberator Sex Ramp Wedge Combo. Information on the Liberator Escape sex mat.

The most popular sex shapes are the Wedge and the Ramp, and for good reason too! Individually these shapes are amazing for enhancing sexual intercourse, but when combined, they open up a whole new arsenal of sexual positions you may have never thought possible! Follow the links above for more information on these amazing triangles of sex!